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Ignitor®& Ignitor II Electronic Ignition

Automotive Applications
Aftermarket Distributor Applications
Application by Distributor Number
Service Parts
Industrial Applications
Agricultural Applications
Marine Applications
Pages 2-37

Flame-Thrower® Performance Distributors

Street - Strip HEI Distributors
Race Only HEI Distributors
Chevrolet EST Distributors
Service Parts and Accessories
Plug N' Play Billet Distributors
Pages 38-43

Ignition Box and Rev Limiter

Second Strike® Ignition Supplement
Digital Rev Limiter
Pages 44-45

Ignition Coils

Flame-Thrower & Flame-Thrower II Oil Filled Coils
Flame-Thrower & Flame-Thrower II High Vibration Coils
Xtreme Canister Style Coils
XFlame-Thrower E-core Coils
Pages 46-48

Ignition Modules

Flame-Thrower Ignition Modules
Flame-Thrower Race Only Ignition Module
Pages 49-53

Flame-Thrower Spark Plug Wires

8mm Magx2 Universal Fit Wires
8mm Magx2 Custom Fit HEI Style Wires
7mm "Stock-Look" Universal Fit Wires
7mm "Stock-Look" Custom Fit Wires
Pages 54-61

Industrial Distributors

Industrial Distributor Specifications
Industrial Distributor Applications
Industrial Distributor Applications by Distributor Number
Service Parts
Pages 62-64
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